Please read the following information and fill out the form below before your appointment at Totara House Clinic

At Totara House Clinic we continue to do our best to keep our patients and staff safe while providing uninterrupted service for as many of our patients as possible.

We must balance this with the risk that ENT specialists might be exposed to when in contact with their patients. After all, most of our examination techniques necessitate close interaction with our patients.

We are taking our lead from the Ministry of Health. You will find useful information on their website and on

Please be assured that when you visit our clinic you can have confidence that we are going above and beyond to keep you safe by implementing further levels of disinfection and the use of PPE as appropriate. We now require all people entering our clinic to use our alcohol based hand sanitiser and to wear a mask. 

Contact Tracing

We are required to keep a register of everyone who comes to our clinic. Please scan our QR code. If you aren't able to scan the QR code we will keep a manual register. This includes your name and phone number. This is to aid contract tracing, if it is later required. Please note that the personal information you provide can only be accessed by health authorities for the purpose of contact tracing.

You can also help keep us safe by completing the checklist below prior to your next visit to our practice. 

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